Seiko Design 140

The luxurious design of the first automatic watch made in Japan.The launch of the Automatic

Launched in 1956, this watch features a power reserve indicator, known as the “winding mark” at the 12 o’clock position of the dial.

The indexes are designed three-dimensionally. The shape of the dial gives the product a special feeling.

The Gyro Marvel, with its distinctive gyroscope mark, was the next to be launched. This was followed by a number of automatic watches.

The Automatic was launched in 1956. It was the first automatic (self-winding) watch commercialized in Japan, and also had a manual winding function. The scale below the 12 o’clock index, called the “winding mark,” is used to indicate the remaining operation time. The logo was designed with an S mark, commonly known as the “Hebi (Snake) S.” The hour and minute hands are beautifully edged, as are the twelve indexes, giving the watch an elegant, three-dimensional look. Later, many automatic watches were introduced, such as the Gyro Marvel and Seiko Matic, which were decorated with the gyroscope mark as a symbol of an automatic watch.

Manufactured in 1956

The first Mechanical Authentic 1950s
001 This is where it all began. K. Hattori & Co. , the starting point of Seiko, established 140 years ago.
002 A factory to realize the big dream of “manufacturing domestic watches.” The establishment of Seikosha
003 The first domestically produced wristwatch in Japan, created by technical and design expertise.Laurel
004 The idea behind the name Seikosha. A brand name that takes us back to our roots. The Seiko Brand.
005 A noteworthy watch: the first domestically produced pocket watch to be designated as a railroad watch. Seiko’s railroad watch
006 Hardships follow after the completion of the factory. A new company with an independent watch division. Establishment of Daini Seikosha (Kameido)
007 Seiko’s barrier-free watches. Their history began before World War II. Tactile watch
008 Starting as a subcontracted factory of Daini Seikosha and developing a number of men’s watches after the war. Suwa Seikosha (Daiwa Kogyo)
009 What were the characteristics of watches in the days when watches were still very expensive? Watch trends in the 1950s
010 The first full-fledged three-hand watch from Seiko. Super
011 The unique design that revolutionized the concept of domestic watches. Marvel
012 An organization created to conduct design; a first in Seiko’s history. Inauguration of the Production Department’s Design Section
013 The luxurious design of the first automatic watch made in Japan. The launch of the Automatic
014 Production of ladies' watches goes into full swing with the development of movements designed for women. Seiko Merit
015 The first three-hand men's watch made at the Kameido factory; the watch that led to King Seiko. Cronos
016 The origin of tough Seiko sports watches with high legibility. Laurel Alpinist
017 How did watch trends change with the increase in suit-wearing office workers? Watch Trends in the 1960s
018 A watch that exemplified the very best of Seiko in technology and design. Grand Seiko
019 With its lightness and elegance, the goal was to create the pinnacle of dress watches. Gold Feather
020 Another luxury watch that takes a different path from Grand Seiko. King Seiko
021 The arrival of a dressy ladies’ watch that pairs with the King Seiko. Queen Seiko
022 A design that harmonized high legibility and a sporty aesthetics Sportsmatic 5
023 High-precision measuring device adopted for international competitions in 1964. Mechanical stopwatch
024 A watch that shows the time in various cities, born in an age when international traveling had become more accessible. Japan's first world time watch - Seiko World Time
025 The first Japan-made chronograph that pursued the development of the watch as a measuring instrument. Crown Chronograph
026 A series that became a hit both in Japan and abroad, for its impressionable “white” design Seiko White Series
027 The first diver's watch that influenced the design of subsequent generations. Seiko’s First Diver’s
028 Grand Seiko's design philosophy that passed down to current models. The Grand Seiko Style
029 A unique, world-first watch with a “Bell Alarm Mechanism.” Seiko Business Bell
030 A diver's watch that evolved with the world's most advanced movement and exterior technology. 300m water-resistant diver's watch
031 The theme of dynamic watches. The Five series that captured the hearts and minds of young people. Seiko 5 Sports
032 The world's first quartz watch that changed the history of watches worldwide. Quartz Astron
033 A thin, high-end dress watch that stands out for its delicacy and luxury. Seiko U.T.D.
034 At a time when quartz watches were beginning to spread, watch designs were also becoming more diverse. Watch Trends in the 1970s
035 Grand Seiko's ultimate model in pursuit of the highest level of precision. Grand Seiko V.F.A.
036 A durable diver's watch that was worn on adventures to the Arctic. 1970 Mechanical Divers
037 A quartz watch with an eye-catching streamlined silhouette. Grand Quartz
038 A quartz watch with an LED on the dial that blinks beautifully every second. Flash Seconds
039 Soft full flow lines give the design a futuristic and warm feeling. The world's first LCD digital watch
040 A digital watch with a distinctive rounded shape that displays numbers with 7 segments. LCD Digital Quartz 05LC
041 A base for the group’s designers to gather and collaborate is established in Ginza. Ginza Design Office
042 The world's first multifunctional digital watch, a pioneer in digital multifunctionality. Chronograph 0634
043 The “Tuna” beloved for its unique design, high legibility and functionality. The Professional Diver 600m
044 Distinctive dials and glasses that adorned the watches of the late 1960s and 70s. The vogue for colored dials and dimensional glass
045 The base of Seiko’s watch design expands with a global perspective Designers' overseas offices
046 A bold design inspired by submarine sonar appeals to the adventurer. Seiko Time Sonar
047 The third generation diver's watch, nicknamed “Turtle.” The “Third Diver”
048 High-performance quartz digital watch with a calculation function. Seiko Checkmate Calculator Alarm C359
049 The diversification of watches and styles. The rise of the glamorous and traditional. Watch trends of the 1980s
050 A luxury dress watch with a delicate yet glamorous design. Credor
051 A revolutionary watch that made the dream of enjoying TV outdoors a reality. The world's first TV watch
052 Alarm and chronograph, designed with a futuristic feel. Hybrid Diver's Watch
053 A glamorous Credor jewelry watch with a "million-dollar" shine. The first high jewelry watch
054 The world's first watch with recording and playback functions reminiscent of audio equipment. Voice Note M516
055 The release of four models designed by world-renowned designers. The launch of the Speedmaster
056 A genuine adventure watch used in the Arctic, Antarctic, and Everest. The Field Master, designed to perform in the extreme cold.
057 A heavy-duty watch with combo construction that appeals to men. Field Master (a.k.a. Contra)
058 A computer on the wrist, packed with a variety of functions. The world's first watch featuring computer functions
059 A watch that feels like an accessory, made possible by an ultra-small movement. Tissé
060 A hit for its innovative design that creates complex sparkle and texture. Glass bracelet
061 A popular trend of the 80's in line with traditional styles. The trend of traditional watches
062 A change in desired “brilliance.” Thin dress watches of the 1980s. The fashion for thin dress watches with a strong shine
063 The "asymmetrical balance" of a unique watch that was loved in Europe. Launch of RIVOLI
064 A new series by Credor that expresses the passage of time through a chain of rings. Credor Lineacurva
065 When the crown is wound for 3 minutes, the watch runs for 3 days. The hand-wound quartz watch, Impact
066 A place for in-house designers to communicate to challenge the possibilities of watch design. Seiko Design Exhibition
067 A design that combines the feel of a solid piece of metal with a beautiful mirror-finish surface. Asterisk
068 The greater freedom of three-dimensional forms through technological advances and the vogue of mannish ladies’ watches. Watch Trends in the 1990s
069 The world's first diver's watch with dive table function and depth gauge. Scuba Master
070 A multifunctional watch with emotional value. Age of Discovery
071 Grand Seiko evolves to become the ultimate quartz watch. Grand Seiko 9F Quartz
072 Bold yet harmonious watches designed by a world-class master. Sottsass Collection
073 A high-quality watch with an easygoing charm. Seiko Neue
074 An adventure watch equipped with an AGS movement, and a form unique to MIM technology. Land Master
075 A ladies' brand designed with simplicity & mannishness. Launch of Seiko LUKIA
076 Functional and elegant. A watch for mountaineering enthusiasts. The launch of the Alpinist
077 A curved surface that creates a strong character. ALBA SPOON
078 Rugged yet warm, a design focusing on the essence of a watch. SUS
079 Developed for women overseas. Seiko VIVACE
080 Collaboration and total design accelerated by thecollaborative efforts of three companies. Inauguration of the Seiko Watch Design Center
081 A Kinetic watch combining aesthetic design and wearability. Launch of Arctura
082 Rounded and smooth, a design with a distinctly futuristic feel. Kinetic Ladies Launch
083 Femininity hidden within a mannish look. A model with a vivid LUKIA red color. LUKIA - second series
084 A novel watch with a "flexible structure"in which function and design are closely linked. Launch of AIRPRO
085 The LUKIA with a beautiful, streamlined silhouette in a bangle form. LUKIA - third series
086 The mechanical Grand Seiko returns, with a design that has presence and universality. 9S Mechanical Grand Seiko
087 A revolutionary watch that doesn’t require calendar correction until the end of February 2100. Perpetual Calendar
088 A revolutionary watch that generates electricity from the difference between your body temperature and the outside. Thermic
089 Seiko's unique and revolutionary mechanism driven by a mainspring and controlled by quartz. Spring Drive
090 Introducing the world to the never-before-seen Independent Multi-Dial Style. Kinetic Chronograph
091 Nostalgic yet new, a digital watch for the younger generation. Launch of h-timetron
092 The glory days of shiny silver-colored watches with simple designs and the steady rise in popularity of solar movements. Watch trends in the 2000s
093 A watch that lies dormant when not in use. The concept of a life form with an exoskeleton. Kinetic Auto-Relay
094 A diver's watch born from the pursuit of ease of use as a tool watch Seiko Diver’s SKX781
095 A studio comprised of exceptional watchmakers who gave birth to the Spring Drive Sonnerie. Establishment of the Micro Artist Studio
096 A digital watch that embodies the world view of a sci-fi movie. The Watch of the Future
097 A sporty watch with a dynamic shape that fits the wrist. Streamline design watch
098 An in-house project in which designers think and communicate on their own. Power Design Project
099 A watch with an urban design befitting its groundbreaking movement. Seiko Premier
100 A watch that sublimates Japanese aesthetics into modern design Seiko IU
101 Emotional design based on the scenery at night. Spring Drive Moon Phase Model
102 “Slant mono form" design expresses the Grand Seiko style. Grand Seiko's first Spring Drive watch
103 An establishment that evokes the "tradition of craftsmanship"through the assembly of luxury watches. Establishment of the Shizukuishi Watch Studio
104 A streamlined diver's watch reminiscent of a dolphin’s form. PIPIN Series
105 Minimalist and elegant. A unique placement of diamonds. LUKIA (SSVX067)
106 The luxury watch that established a playful world view. The birth of the Credor Nord series
107 A diver's watch with a characteristic shape that looks as if it has had pieces sliced off with a sword. Seiko Diver’s Scuba 200 m
108 Reminiscent of motorsports; a sports watch collection for the international market. Sportura
109 A design calculated down to the smallest detail, highlighted by a distinctive calendar window. Kinetic Perpetual
110 A luxury series with an original design and strong individuality. The launch of Galante
111 A watch that reproduces the look of snow on the dial surface. Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGA211 (known as the Snowflake)
112 A revolutionary digital watch made possible by EPD technology. Spectrum
113 The series of pieces resembling Go stones placed in a simple arrangement, each overlapping another, produces a design that evokes a sense of Japanese aesthetics. Power Design Model (a.k.a. “Go Stone”)
114 A luxury watch that thoroughly pursues precise measurement and accurate reading. Grand Seiko's first chronograph
115 A mechanical watch that expresses the flow of time and harmony with the earth. Moving Design Collection
116 Designs born from the pursuit of anideal form and universality. Spirit by the Power Design Project
117 A graceful yet powerful design that incorporates a hexagonal motif. Credor Locomotive
118 Heart-shaped Arabic numerals that inspire joy and exuberance. Tissé Renewal
119 Easy to use and environmentally friendly. Models that go back to familiar roots come into vogue. Watch Trends in the 2010s
120 Shock-resistant and battery-free. A watch suitable even for activities outside a spacecraft. Spacewalk: the watch for use in space
121 This popular series of brightly colored dials radiates an enchanting brilliance. Launch of the cocktail-inspired watches from the Presage collection.
122 World's first solar radio-controlled digital watch with active matrix EPD system Active Matrix EPD Watch
123 A happy and positive design with lucky clovers. Lucky motif of LUKIA
124 The world's first GPS solar watch that quickly receives time and location data anywhere in the world via GPS GPS Solar Watch Seiko Astron
125 An adventure watch that makes full use of Yuichiro Miura's advice. Prospex Land Master
126 Watches that won the hearts of women with classic-minded designs. Revamping ladies' watches for international markets
127 An accomplishment achieved through the continued pursuit of the essence of watch design. The first watch designer to receive the Contemporary Master Craftsman Award
128 Leader of the Design Department, linking Seiko's 140-year history with the future. Seiko's first Executive Officer to come from a designer background
129 A design that features a large sapphire glass that resembles the stratosphere surrounding the earth. Seiko Astron second model
130 A luxury watch that has been refined to the utmost limit by eliminating extraneous elements. Credor Eichi (Wisdom) II
131 A fusion of traditional craftsmanship and mechanical watches. Presage Craftsmanship Series
132 The average climbing speed can also be calculated. A mountaineering watch with performance and wearability. Prospex Alpinist Digital
133 An outdoor watch with a GPS solar movement and an ingenious design. Prospex Great Traverse
134 An installation that evokes the essence of time and its transitions. Milan Design Week 2018
135 An installation expressing time and its permanence. Milan Design Week 2019
136 What should a child’s first watch be like? Analog solar watch. School Time
137 With a highly acclaimed diver's watch as its starting point, the company has produced numerous designs based on free thinking. Re-birth of Seiko 5 Sports
138 A workshop to share the joy of watch design with junior high school students. Watch design class for students
139 Evolutions in function and design to match the lifestyles of the visually impaired. Digital talking watch
140 A place where designers can bring together their strengths to create inspiration for the future. Seiko Design Center, a new place of creation