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Vol.4 Designed for Adventures Vol.4 Designed for Adventures

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We, as watchmakers, have developed a variety of watches for adventure seekers. As a result of our continuous collaboration with well-known adventurers to jointly develop new watches, our products embody a great deal of know-how and expertise that have allowed us to kindle our end-users’ “desire for new adventures” that they seek. This time we would like to introduce our line of adventure watches that have supported adventurers as they challenge the extreme limits of human endurance.


This is an automatic watch for mountain climbing enthusiasts. Its predecessor, the “Laurel Alpinist”, was released in 1959. Taking over that name, it was released over 30 years later, in 1995. With a durable stainless steel case which is water resistant up to 20 bar, it is designed to withstand rough treatment in outdoor life. It comes with a magnifying lens to enlarge the calendar window for greater legibility.

This watch is characterized by its distinctively thick hour hand and its use of Arabic numerals for all even numbered indexes. The gold hands and indexes create a feel of functionality while adding a touch of elegance.
Using the crown located at 4 o’clock position, you can rotate the outer ring to get a compass bearing from the direction of the sun. The design of the English letters indicating directions and the red lettering used in “Alpinist” work together to add an overall sporty feel.

Landmaster AGS

This watch is made for adventurers with a built-in Kinetic movement (an Automatic Power Generator). Enclosed in a rust-resistant and lightweight titanium case, it is water resistant up to 20 bar. For the utmost prevention of water leakage, it utilizes a one-piece structure with no separate case back. This one-piece structure means there are no unnecessary unevenness on the case back thereby enabling a smooth, rounded surface that feels comfortable on the wrist.

Rotating the bezel allows you to get a compass bearing. Molding the bezel using MIM (Metal Injection Molding) makes the small markers on the compass appear sharper and more three-dimensional.
The one-piece structure with no case back prevents water leakage as much as possible. This no case back structure enables a smooth, rounded surface with no unnecessary unevenness on the back of the watch, making it feel comfortable on the wrist.

Prospex Great Traverse

This is an outdoor watch equipped with a GPS solar movement. It has a high-spec exterior and superb legibility, as you would expect, but it also has solar charging so there is no worry of battery failure. Time and location data are captured by GPS so, no matter where on Earth you are, the accurate time for your current location will always be displayed. The crown located at the 12 o’clock position protects the watch’s functionality while ensuring that none of its features get in the way, so even from a design perspective this watch’s originality has given it an iconic presence in the industry.

The molded three-dimensional index ensures easy legibility even at night, and coupled with the bold hour and minute hands, it has brought about a dramatic improvement in the legibility of the time-telling components.
Enclosed in a rust-resistant, lightweight, and tough titanium case, it is water resistant up to 20 bar, making it a powerful partner on all end-user adventures even in the harshest environments.

Prospex Alpinist Digital

Solar-powered and Bluetooth-capable, this digital mountaineering watch can link with smartphones and store climbing data, such as recorded altitude and time. It measures altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and directions and calculates the average climbing speed. With this kind of data at hand, it helps you to plan the most reasonable climbing approach. It comes with a highly durable silicone band that is lightweight and comfortable on the wrist.

A cross-sectional view of the case shows it to be a smooth and integrated form with little unevenness that spreads out uniformly in a shape that fits snugly on the wrist. This is part of an overall design meant to keep end-user stress levels at a minimum.
To maintain easy operability while also preventing operational errors, it utilizes non-slip buttons attached to the crescent-shaped button tube. The bezel and buckle are in a vivid red color to give it a lively, active feel.

Landmaster Spring Drive

This watch gives special priority to its time display without the compass bezel built into conventional mountaineering watches. It was developed with advice from alpinist Yuichiro Miura. The crown is located at the 12 o’clock position rather than the usual the 3 o’clock position so as not to get caught when putting on or taking off one’s backpack or protective clothing. It has a vertically asymmetrical shape designed to allow easier operability while fitting snugly on the wrist.

Viewed from the side, it looks to be a trapezoid or “acorn barnacle” shape. This design prevents it from being caught on any of the equipment while climbing as much as possible.
The standout red lettering reflecting on the Black-DiaShield case gives an impression of sturdy mountain climbing equipment. The impression of toughness, enhanced with a gear design, inspires a heightened desire for new adventures.
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