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Vol.5 Designs of Seiko LUKIA Vol.5 Designs of Seiko LUKIA

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Since its launch more than 20 years ago,
Seiko LUKIA brand has captured the subtleties of the times and supported dynamic women,
while exploring the possibilities of watches as a fashion item.
In this edition we would like to take a look at the history of such a brand, Seiko LUKIA.


Launched in 1997, the standout feature of this model was its large size, which clearly bucked the fashion trend for ladies’ watches back then—small watches in the style of an accessory. On its dial there are not just the three simple hands indicating hours, minutes, and seconds, but also smaller hands providing multiple functions. This watch has a strength that evokes the feeling of a men’s chronograph watch; but at the same time, the Arabic numerals give it a delicate and feminine feel.

In spite of its masculine style, the dial’s red color brings to mind a lipstick, achieving an exquisite balance. This design attracted solid support from positive women who had experienced Japan’s bubble economy and begun to shine at the center of the times.
The case and bracelet are made from stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. The sharp shape based on a straight line gives off mature, powerful sparkles.


This LUKIA was introduced in 1998 and features a distinctive flowing form from the case to the bracelet, creating an integrated feel. It has the smooth, curved shape of a bangle and its glinting metal surface lends it a sense of presence while bringing brilliant radiance to a woman’s wrist. The distinctive black, masculine dial has extremely long Arabic numerals and hour markers, which exude a modern aura.

The modern, sophisticated design evokes accessories. And with sensitivity and boldness coexisting in perfect harmony, this watch grants power to women.
An exceptionally short hour hand was employed to avoid interference between the hour markers and the hour hand and to enhance legibility. The unique shapes of the hands also make a significant contribution to the elegance of this watch.


A large, fresh LUKIA that invokes the image of a vacation, this model brings full-scale chronograph functions and a sporty air. The case is constructed from a durable stainless steel material, while the daring design of the crown guards gives the watch a masculine, active mood. The white natural materials used for both the dial and the strap create a pure atmosphere when taken as a whole.

Crocodile leather is used for the strap. The one-of-a-kind natural scale pattern imparts a tranquil beauty and a sense of high quality.
The mother-of-pearl dial with diamond indexes represents a combination of natural materials that achieves a unique beauty.


The distinctive features of this watch are its remarkably simple surface design and exquisite appearance. The simple structure of this model was achieved by refraining from using a bezel and finishing it with a minimal, elegant shape. With its uniqueness enhanced by the eight diamonds arranged around the glass, the luxuriant beauty of this watch uplifts the hearts of the women who wear it.

The pale pink dial is paired with classic Roman numerals, while the distinctively shaped hands also match the modern case and bracelet.
The discreet links of the bracelet lend further elegance to this watch. And the combination with the link’s gold color accentuates the modernity of the case as well.


This watch’s slightly large tonneau form and the well-modulated layout of the Arabic numerals make it exceptionally unique. The Arabic numerals of the 2, 6, and 10 are arranged vigorously, with clipped edges as though they were cut off while bursting from the confines of the dial. With repeated renewals, this has been one of our bestselling models for more than 10 years.

The silver case and bracelet have a sharp surface design. While having a sophistication of their own, they represent power and vivaciousness.
Used only for the LUKIA brand, the signature layout of the Arabic numerals gives this model an active impression.
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