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For over a 100 years now we have remained committed to realizing the vast potential that watches have to offer. Among our lineup, we would now like to introduce some advanced watches that abound in “enterprising spirit.” When a watch incorporates a new technology, we must come up with a distinctive design that harmonizes well with that technology. Let’s take a look at what kinds of designs Seiko had created in the past to meet this challenge.

Perpetual Calendar

A built-in “fully automatic perpetual calendar” that requires no adjustment up to the year 2100.
There is no need to wind it manually when the month has fewer than 31 days, and for leap years an extra day is automatically added. Driven by an ultrasonic motor, it uses IC signals to ensure highly accurate time displays. This watch also incorporates the most advanced technology of the times, including features such as a lithium battery lasting 10 years.

The crown and the bracelet give it real character.

To enlarge the date and make it easier to read, it has a shell-shaped specialty magnifying lens built into the glass of the body. This watch is proud of its high accuracy, and features a crown which is ordinarily rarely used and which is designed to fit right into the case. And by making the first link of the bracelet slightly longer, the case and the bracelet feel more closely integrated. This is a watch with distinctive features that have been carefully coordinated with an overall master design.

Space Walk

While still maintaining the features of a conventional mechanical watch with a mainspring wound up with an oscillating weight, the Spring Drive is built in as the drive for the watch hands and the IC that controls the precision by leveraging the force exerted by the mainspring being unwound. The mainspring’s power does not convert to reciprocal motion which means the sound from the second hand, which is particular to a mechanical watch, is now gone and the hand moves more smoothly. With internal workings which do not include a balance or a pallet fork, it is shock resistant and, not having to depend on a battery, it can be used in places with extreme temperature variations.

The dream and elation of advancing into outer space

Featuring a lightweight bright titanium case. The chronograph button is a large button at the 12 o’clock position to facilitate easy operation even with extravehicular gloves on. The fixing of the bezel to prevent damage due to variations in internal air pressure incorporates technology used in divers’ watches. The dial is a dark black called jet black and the hour markers are engraved and illuminated by pouring LumiBrite. The strap is expandable and can be adjusted to fit various sizes from a wrist up to a spacesuit. This watch symbolizes the dream and the elation of advancing into outer space.


Thermic is a revolutionary watch created by utilizing a thermal power generation mechanism. Power is generated and stored by using the difference in temperature between the wearer’s body temperature and the outside air temperature, via thermal power generating elements. A proprietary mechanism then uses that energy to run the watch. If fully charged the watch will run as long as 10 months. When the watch is taken off and unable to generate electricity, it enters “power-saving mode” and the second hand stops.

A feeling of oneness with power generation efficiency

In order to radiate heat by directing the body heat absorbed by the back cover into the upper part of the case, the surface area has been expanded to include 21 air vents which have been opened in the bezel allowing for enhanced power generation efficiency. Above and below the bezel there are also large slits resembling air intakes shaped to serve as pathways for the air. The bracelet consists of a three-dimensional undulating 5-rib calf leather strap integrated into the watch body through grooves in the upper surface of the case and making good use of calibers for a well-coordinated total design.


The Electrophoretic Display (EPD) that has been used in this watch enables displays that look much like actual printing with high contrast and superb visibility, which is unlike the former reflecting LCDs. In addition, while LCDs can only create displays on essentially flat surfaces, EPD allows the display panels to be curved flexibly, greatly raising the level of design freedom. This makes it possible to design the display so as to fit the curvature of the wrist, a long- cherished wish of all watch designers.

Stylishly radical

The body of this bangle-shaped watch is made from high precision ground stainless steel and characterized by the curved EPD display that can fit the curvature of the wrist. Compared to a digital watch that usually only has a 3 cm square display area, it utilizes a particularly wide oblong display space and dares to offer a radically stylish display that is quite different from the conventional 7 segment time displays. To prevent it from being dropped when being put on or taken off, a urethane attachment has been developed. A revolutionary new watch that seems to project the time right onto your wrist has come into being.

Spring Drive Kinetic

The Spring Drive used in this watch, just like with mechanical watches, has been successfully developed by Seiko as a proprietary mechanism that improves precision by the force exerted by the mainspring being unwound that moves the hands, and simultaneously generating power and driving the IC. Seiko, because of the very fact that it has both quartz-based technology and traditional mechanical watch-making technology, has created an unparalleled one of a kind caliber.

Full flow design envisions the future.

The full flow design from the case body to the bracelet represents a vision of the future. The unpretentious surface creates a feeling of elegance. The conspicuousness of the pin penetrating the case and bracelet joint is very distinctive. The matte indexes on a jet black dial provide a minimal look. And the glinting metal minute markers in 48 locations give it an air of luxury.

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