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power design project 2022REBIRTH

Seiko’s heritage watches are reborn in the modern age
The project designers talk about the seven REBIRTH creations.

The “power design project” began in 2001 for Seiko designers to explore the essence of watches and pursue design possibilities. This experimental endeavor was discontinued in 2009 but returns today, after 13 years, to propose new ways of design, unbound by pre-existing concepts. The theme for 2022 is REBIRTH. Eight designers have developed their ideas and expanded their imaginations from the distinctive watches and technologies that have emerged throughout Seiko’s long history, and have channeled them into the REBIRTH of seven products. This year’s exhibition features watches powered by their movements. These models are on display and open to the public at Seiko Seed from December 21, 2022.
On this website, the designers of each REBIRTH watch talk about their ideas and their interests in design.