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Power Design Project 2022“REBIRTH”

The “power design project” began in 2001 for Seiko designers to explore the essence of watches and pursue design possibilities based on annual themes. This experimental endeavor was discontinued in 2009 but returns today, after 13 years, to propose new ways of design, unbound by pre-existing concepts.

The theme for 2022 is REBIRTH.
Eight designers have developed their ideas and expanded their imaginations from the distinctive watches and technologies that have emerged throughout Seiko's long history, and have channeled them into the REBIRTH of seven products.

We hope you enjoy the many design possibilities demonstrated by the seven REBIRTH stories.

01Radiant Time

A “timeless radiance” that brightly illuminates the city of Tokyo.


A polishing technique called Zaratsu has been used in many of Seiko’s high-end products from the 1960s to the present. By skillful use of a specialized jig with carefully honed techniques, metal surfaces can be processed into an ultra-smooth finish. The model on display is a King Seiko launched in the 1970s, known as the 45KS by watch fans. Characterized by its simple and bold shape, this model has a Zaratsu polished distortion-free mirror surface and still shines brightly even after more than 50 years.


Focusing on this technique, this King Seiko watch is now reborn with a contemporary, uplifting, and glamorous feel. The beauty of the Zaratsu polished 20-faceted case and the intricacy of the sixty markers around the dial make this watch a must-see item. We hope that this watch will continually brighten the hearts of those who wear it.


A playful take on wearing watches.


The diver's watch launched in 1975 achieved safety and durability to withstand long periods of saturation diving. With its characteristic outer case, a robust protective structure, the watch was nicknamed “Tuna” by Seiko fans because of its resemblance to a can of tuna.


The shape of the watch’s outer case is particularly unique in its thoroughgoing pursuit of a safe design. This fascinating watch is reborn with a form resembling a button on a piece of clothing, creating a new and liberating wearing experience. We hope you will enjoy coordinating the watch with your clothes according to your mood from day to day.

03Shikakuro(Square Chronograph)

Which square chronograph will win your heart?


The square chronograph introduced in 1971 was designed for the international market and gained great popularity. The special construction of the case and the unique rounded square silhouette were distinctive features. The dials come in a wide range of colors, and the innovative coloring of the dials shows the diversity and freedom of values and self-expression in the 1970s.


While retaining the atmosphere of the 1970s with the special construction of its case and its unique silhouette, the watch has been given a rebirth as a square chronograph with modern diversity. We hope that by customizing this watch in your own way, with the modern dial colorings, diverse case bezel materials, and bracelet/strap variations available, you will discover a watch just right for you.


Packed with features for active kids!


The Prospex Marinemaster Professional is a professional diver’s watch for people working in the harsh environment of the deep sea. The watch’s extremely unique design and distinctive protective structure have earned it the nickname “Tuna” from Seiko’s fans because of its resemblance to a can of tuna. It is one of Seiko’s most well-known models.


This professional diver’s watch has undergone a rebirth and transformation into a watch designed especially for children. The watch features a tough protective structure allowing children to play in a carefree manner, an accordion-shaped strap that is easy to put on and take off, and a rotating bezel that allows the wearer to set the time for their social occasion. Every detail of the watch is constructed for children who enjoy playing actively. We hope that many children will wear it as their first watch in life.

05Time Sonar 434 Feels

Will the words peeking through the calendar window help you discover your destiny for today?


Introduced in Japan in 1976, the Seiko Time Sonar was designed in the image of the sonar display of a submarine. The innovative design used a dial made of transparent plastic that allowed the calendar disk behind it to shine through. Transparent colored glass was also used for the back of the case. The oscillating weight, visible through the glass, was painted black, creating a sonar-like look on both the front and back surfaces. This model was full of adventurous spirit.


While retaining the dial features of the Time Sonar, this model has been given a rebirth as a watch possessing sensibility that displays 434 different “feels,” which can be enjoyed by younger people. Having familiar English words printed on the disc in place of the calendar display, a daily message appears in the calendar window. We hope you will use this watch in a playful way, letting your imagination run free with the messages that emerge from this whimsical device.

06TISSE our time

A gender-neutral watch that reflects the diversity of our nature.


Introduced in 1984, TISSE was a watch worn like an accessory. The development of an ultra-small movement made it possible to reduce the outer diameter to the utmost limit, and this design was the result. The extremely simple bead-shaped form created a new wearing style called “loose fit,” which was overwhelmingly embraced by women at the time.


TISSE, which was favored by many women at the time, is now reborn as a watch that transcends gender categorization. Its texture, finish, and moderate size achieves a beauty for all. The differing designs of the watch bracelet at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock sides express the diversity and character of each individual when wearing the watch. We hope that people will feel the pure charm of this jewelry watch with a design that fills the wearer's heart.

07Ceramic Ball

Taking a historic digital watch and reimagining it for the modern age.


The LCD digital quartz watch 05LC was introduced in 1973. It used a simple 7-segment display for numerals, and did not have a seconds display function, with only hours and minutes displayed in 4 digits on the LCD. With the manufacturing technology of the time, it was very difficult to achieve such a rounded design in stainless steel. The three buttons located on the underside of the display are used to turn on the light and to correct the time.


The 05LC, with its distinctive silhouette, is reborn as a digital watch with a contemporary sports aesthetic. While retaining the impression of the rounded case, the three buttons on the front, and the digital display, the glossy white ceramic material gives the watch a truly unique presence and appeal. We hope that the Ceramic Ball will help you to feel a sense of the design possibilities of digital watches.

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